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The Hunley flotilla passes the USS Yorktown, a WWII era aircraft carrier in Charleston Harbor.  Smoke from Civil War cannons fired in salute can be seen just off the deck.

Ft.-Sumter.jpg (17594 bytes) The Hunley flotilla passes Ft. Sumter, site of the first shot of the Civil War.
The-Moment.jpg (15893 bytes) The Hunley breaks the surface after 136 years on the ocean floor.
Overall.jpg (20289 bytes) Approximately 200 small boats observe the Hunley being raised outside Charleston Harbor.
Cooper.jpg (17477 bytes) The Hunley flotilla passes under the Cooper River Bridges.
Propeller.jpg (22264 bytes) The propeller of the CSS H. L. Hunley.  It was cranked by hand by its crew members.
Sub-and-Battery.jpg (20404 bytes) The Hunley flotilla passes the Charleston peninsula, few changes can be seen from the air from 130 years ago.
The-Return.jpg (28612 bytes) Civil War reenactors honor the submarine as it prepares to enter the Lasch Conservation Center on the old Navy Base in Charleston, SC.
Hunley-in-Lab.jpg (40625 bytes) The Hunley in the last seconds before it is placed in its conservation tank filled with water. The shot shows a 360 degree view inside the Lasch Conservation Center.
crane.jpg (23333 bytes) The Detyens Shipyard crane lifts the Hunley from the barge for its trip to the conservation lab.
goldman1.jpg (34602 bytes) Recovery team members celebrate the successful recovery of the Hunley.
goldman2.jpg (14507 bytes) Clive Cussler watches events at the conservation lab.
goldman3.jpg (33368 bytes) The H.L. Hunley breaks the surface after 136 years.
goldman4.jpg (31756 bytes) The recovery barge makes its way past Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.
goldman5.jpg (21792 bytes) Senator Glen McConnell and Warren Lasch, Chairman of the Friends of the Hunley, enjoy the ride back into Charleston.
goldman6.jpg (32160 bytes) The recovery barge passes by crowds at the S.C. Aquarium.
halfmast.jpg (16490 bytes) Flags at Fort Sumter flew at half-mast in honor of the sailors who gave their lives during the Hunley's last mission and are still entombed within her.
cannon.jpg (46088 bytes) Reenactors fire a cannon and lift a blue signal light in honor of the Hunley's safe arrival at the conservation lab.
DECKER13.jpg (29336 bytes) The Hunley is cradled in the truss built by Oceaneering International, Inc. as it breaks the surface of the water.
DECKER15.jpg (24131 bytes) Just before the sub is raised.
DECKER10.jpg (26424 bytes) The top of the recovery truss breaks the water.
DECKER01.jpg (26303 bytes) The bow of the Hunley is seen cradled safely in the recovery truss just moments after breaking the surface of the Atlantic.
rsmith01.jpg (15123 bytes) The stern of the Hunley rests in the near-freezing waters of the conservation lab.
rsmith02.jpg (21025 bytes) A view of the tank from the floor of the Lasch Conservation Lab.
rsmith03.jpg (14880 bytes) The forward conning tower of the Hunley seen in the tank at the conservation lab. The small mass on the front of the conning tower is a patch that was used to seal a hole found in the sub

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