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gallery1_01.JPG (22035 bytes) Hunley Project Field Manager Dr. Dave Conlin working the diver communications station. (Seymour)
gallery1_02.JPG (20885 bytes) Hunley Project Director Dr. Robert Neyland prepares for dive. (Seymour)
gallery1_03.JPG (16886 bytes) Forward hatch of Hunley surrounded with sand bags for protection during dredging operations  (Seymour)
gallery1_04.JPG (12886 bytes) Underwater archaeologist Harry Pecorelli dredges sediment surrounding Hunley site (Seymour)
gallery1_05.JPG (21438 bytes) Archaeologist examines sluice box for artifacts surfacing from underwater dredges (Seymour)
gallery1_06.JPG (17793 bytes) Hunley spar recovery for transport to conservation lab (Amer)
gallery1_07.JPG (20292 bytes) Underwater archaeologist and conservator Claire Peachey documents the bolt and nut recovered from spar assembly on Hunley (Seymour)
gallery1_08.JPG (20928 bytes) Suction piles on dock (Amer)
gallery1_09.JPG (23055 bytes) Recovery truss on dock in preparation for transport to Hunley site (Amer)
gallery1_10.JPG (26464 bytes) Recovery truss with sling hooks (Amer)
gallery1_11.JPG (23347 bytes) Stern deck of Marks Tide with recovery equipment (Neyland)
gallery1_12.JPG (29493 bytes) Recovery sling with foam bags (Amer)
gallery1_13.JPG (22491 bytes) Hunley diver prepares to enter water (Seymour)
gallery1_14.JPG (27628 bytes) Hunley Field Manager Dr. David Conlin describes scale Hunley model to visiting National Park Service officials (Seymour)
gallery1_15.JPG (16270 bytes) Hunley artifact photography bolt and nut removed from Hunley spar assembly (Seymour)

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