Volunteer Appreciation Night
The Hunley is open for tours every Saturday and Sunday (except Christmas weekend) and all proceeds go directly to support the Hunley conservation project. The Hunley tours could not be a success if it were not for the dedicated people who volunteer an immeasurable amount of time. When you visit the Warren Lasch Conservation Center, it's clear that these committed volunteers have not only a genuine interest in the Hunley project, but a passion and respect for the submarine and her crew. Some drive hours, or even fly from states like Indiana to work the tours.

Those participating in this program provide the principal link between the organization and the public. In addition to welcoming visitors to the center, volunteers provide a broad range of information about the Hunley, whether it is exhibitions, activities, or services.

Help the Hunley project by becoming a volunteer! To become a volunteer, an interview and background check is required. For more information, call Crista Hartenstein at : 843-743-4865 ext. 14, or email her at

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