Date Title
9/17/2015 World's First Combat Submarine Original Surface Uncovered
1/22/2015 The World’s First Successful Combat Submarine Almost Fully Visible
8/12/2014 Original Surface of the Hunley to be Revealed: The Actual Skin of Subm...
5/1/2014 Hunley to Undergo First Soak in Conservation Bath
2/4/2014 The Men Behind the Machine
7/16/2013 Singer Songwriter Releases Song on Hunley
1/28/2013 Scientists Uncover Evidence of Explosion
1/12/2012 Hunley’s Overhead Truss Removed:
9/13/2011 National Geographic Channel Investigates the Disappearance of the Hunl...
6/24/2011 Hunley Upright For First Time In Over A Century
6/15/2011 Hunley Project Update: Sub Raised 3 Feet Into Mid-Air
6/13/2011 Hidden Side of the Hunley Soon Revealed
4/11/2011 Cannon from Legendary Confederate Raider Joins Hunley Tours
8/6/2010 Hidden Side of the Hunley Will Soon be Revealed
8/2/2010 The Hunley Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Submarine's Recovery
10/17/2008 Discovery Sheds New Light on Fate of Hunley Crew
8/28/2008 Sam Howell Named as Chairman of Friends of the Hunley
1/17/2008 Pumps May Provide Clue on How and Why the Crew Perished
12/14/2007 Gold Pocket Watch May Help Solve a Timeless Mystery
11/30/2007 Hunley submarine joins Statue of Liberty as historical landmark
8/8/2007 The History Channel Feature on the Hunley Announced on the Seventh Ann...
6/15/2007 Hunley Hits the Highways
6/2/2007 Pioneer Replica Recovered from Charleston Museum
1/11/2007 Hatch Cover Will be First Part of Hunley to Undergo Conservation
9/12/2006 Conservators to Remove the Hunley Hatch Cover
7/14/2006 Scientists Discover Hunley Captain May Have Unlocked Hatch
2/17/2006 Best-selling author Patricia Cornwell to Help Solve Hunley Mystery
12/28/2005 Hunley Team Discovers Clue to Legendary Sub’s Disappearance
8/8/2005 Hunley Team Commemorates Five Year Anniversary of Historic Submarine’s...
6/24/2005 Hunley Torpedo May Have Been Electrically Detonated
6/17/2005 Scientists Discover New Stealth Feature on the H. L. Hunley
1/28/2005 Crew Bench to be Removed in Preparation for Hunley Conservation
9/24/2004 DNA Match Positively Identifies Hunley Crewmember as Joseph Ridgaway o...
7/23/2004 Pump System Could Contain Important Clue to the Hunley's Disappearance
7/23/2004 Hunley archaeologist Harry Pecorelli studying the ballast.
7/23/2004 X-ray of oil can found on board the Hunley.
4/21/2004 Corporal J. F. Carlsen
4/21/2004 Miller
4/21/2004 James A. Wicks
4/21/2004 Joseph Ridgaway
4/21/2004 Frank Collins
4/21/2004 Lt. George E. Dixon
4/21/2004 Arnold Becker
4/21/2004 Lumpkin
4/12/2004 Crewmember Profile: Dixon
4/12/2004 Crewmember Profile: Becker
11/21/2003 Excavation of Civil War Sub Ends
10/9/2003 New Artifact Found in Forward Ballast Tank
10/6/2003 Excavation on H. L. Hunley Ballast Tanks Begin
8/8/2003 Hunley researchers probe the mystery of time
7/12/2003 First Step Taken Toward Unique Conservation Challenge
5/16/2003 Hunley Crew to "rest in peace, at last"
3/7/2003 Time Stands Still on the Hunley
2/28/2003 Hunley Captain's Pocket Watch to be Opened
2/20/2003 Wallet Provides No Clues to Crewman's Identity
2/17/2003 Excavation Of Wallet Found Onboard The Hunley To Begin This Week
11/13/2002 Ornate Jewelry Found Onboard Hunley
11/8/2002 Legendary Gold Coin To Be Added To Hunley Tours Beginning Nov. 16
9/30/2002 Union ID Tag and Other Hunley Artifacts To Go On Display For The First...
9/19/2002 Clemson and Hunley Scientists Combine Expertise to Conserve National I...
8/26/2002 Myth Becomes Reality: Forensic Studies Prove Legend of Dixon's Gold Co...
7/5/2002 Hunley Scientists Help in America's War Against Terrorism
6/7/2002 Timeless Artifact Recovered From H. L. Hunley
2/15/2002 New discovery at Warren Lasch Conservation Center
2/8/2002 Early Findings of Hunley Crew Revealed
1/25/2002 Hunley Excavation Shifts Focus to The Crew
1/1/2002 Hunley Crew Remains to be Studied by Top Smithsonian Experts
12/17/2001 Hunley In Demand, New Tours Announced
12/1/2001 Hunley Excavation is Complete
11/30/2001 Excavation Continues, So Does The Mystery
11/26/2001 Hunley Commission to Receive Dabney Award
11/16/2001 Submarine's Compass is Removed
11/9/2001 Excavation of Submarine Continues
11/2/2001 Hunley Only Had Crew Of Eight
10/26/2001 Mystery Still Surrounds Hunley
10/19/2001 More Artifacts Found In Hunley
10/12/2001 Hunley Was Ahead Of It's Time
10/11/2001 LT. Dixon Remains A Mystery
9/28/2001 Excavation on Hunley Resumes
7/25/2001 Hunley Still Holds Treasures
7/24/2001 Hunley Lab to Receive Other Maritime Artifacts
5/24/2001 Gold Coin Found
5/21/2001 Captain of the Hunley Found
5/17/2001 Fourth Hull Plate Removed
5/16/2001 Friends of the Hunley Receives Award
5/10/2001 Brain Tissue Found Inside Skulls
5/4/2001 More Surprises Discovered in H. L. Hunley
5/1/2001 Hunley Chairmen Recognized
4/30/2001 More Personal Items of Crew Located
4/27/2001 Union Soldier's ID Tag Found in Hunley
4/24/2001 Details of Crew Revealed
4/19/2001 Excavation Update
4/16/2001 Eight Hunley Crewmember's Found
4/13/2001 Crewman's Skull Found
4/10/2001 Excavation Update
4/5/2001 More Crewmembers Uncovered
4/2/2001 Fourth Crewmember Uncovered
3/30/2001 More Remains Found Inside Hunley
3/27/2001 Second Crewmember Found
3/27/2001 More Remains Uncovered
3/21/2001 First Human Remains Discovered
3/15/2001 Early Findings
3/9/2001 Hunley Excavation
3/2/2001 Archaeologists Enter Submarine
2/23/2001 Excavation Continues
2/16/2001 Hull Plate Removed
2/9/2001 Hull Plate Revealed
2/2/2001 Excavation Update
1/26/2001 Preliminary Stern Excavation
1/21/2001 Hunley Excavation Begins
4/11/1990 Cannon from Confederate Raider Joins Displays at Hunley Tours
4/7/1990 Cannon from Legendry Confederate Raider Joins Displays at Hunley Tours

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