Be the first to take an on-line tour of the interior of the H. L. Hunley submarine!! Download times may vary and for best performance, follow the below instructions:

  • Once you see the image, it has been saved in cache so you can view again later.
  • As you move it over the image, your usual arrow changes to a small target icon.
  • Click and Drag! (Hold mouse button down, while sliding it to your left or right.) The farther you move cursor to left or right - the faster the panorama will rotate.
  • You can also make the panoramas rotate up, down or even at a 45 degree angle!
  • To Zoom In: Use [SHIFT] key.
  • To Zoom Out: Use the [CONTROL] key.
Fast Connections (DSL,ISDN)

Hunley Quicktime Panorama (Larger Image)

Slow Connections (Dial-Up)

Hunley Quicktime Panorama (Smaller Image)

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