By late fall of 1861, Horace Hunley joined two inventors to begin construction of a three-man vessel that would travel underwater. The inventors, James McClintock and Baxter Watson, would partner with H.L. Hunley in one of the most incredible ventures of their time - and ours.

Photograph of Hunley designer and builder James R. McClintock.
James McClintock & Baxter Watson: Men Ahead of Their Time

James McClintock and Baxter Watson were in the steam gauge manufacturing business in New Orleans and locally noted for their talent in engineering and design. Shortly after the Civil War started, Baxter and McClintock had already designed, built, and sold two bullet-making machines to the Confederate government.

By late fall of 1861, these two inventors began the construction of a three-man underwater boat. During the early phases of construction another Louisiana gentleman eagerly joined McClintock and Watson in their underwater venture.

His name was Horace L. Hunley.

With Hunley leading the financing, and McClintock and Watson designing and building, the quest began to build a stealth underwater weapon: the submarine. This quest became a process of innovation and evolution that would result in three submarines: the Pioneer, the American Diver, and finally, the H.L. Hunley.

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