To order tickets to see the Hunley, call toll-free 1.877.4HUNLEY or click here to order online.

For merchandise inquiries, email

For membership questions, email

For information on becoming a volunteer or large tour groups, contact Crista Hartenstein at 843-743-4865 ext. 14 or email her at

For media inquiries, contact Kellen Correia at 843.743.4865, x.32 or email her at

For more information about the Hunley Project and how to join its patron family, email Raegan Quinn at

To make a donation, become a member, either do it online or mail to:

*Warren Lasch Conservation Center
1250 Supply Street, Building 255
Former Charleston Navy Base
North Charleston, South Carolina 29405

*This address should also be used for all on-line merchandise returns.

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