The brave crew of the Hunleydid all they could on February 17, 1864 to complete their journey home. As they disappeared in the night and were covered with the sands of time, also lost was the true account of what happened in this epic effort.

The Hunley is like a present from the past protected from the jaws of time and the hands of plunderers. It is a great time capsule that has awaited the advent of technology great enough to unlock and preserve her mysteries. She comes to us now ready to tell her story.

The Hunley represents the great American legacy that honor, courage, and valor endure forever. The crews of the Hunley left their families and safety to put themselves at peril to help others and did so knowing the submarine was a perilous pioneer of new technology.

Her loss is now our gain if we accept it as the gift it is. Not only will her preservation save for all time this great chapter of courage and innovation, but it also will allow the Hunley to touch generations with the great American story that our people, in pursuit or defense of freedom, put aside the element of fear and answered the call of duty.

To the world, she is the genesis of all modern submarines; and to all submariners, her crews are heroic pioneers. But, for all people worldwide, the Hunley and her crews are our challenge to say thanks to those who so profoundly made history and now in their loss offer us the opportunity to preserve history and teach the future the true accomplishments of the past.

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