The following is an attempt to get students on the secondary and post-secondary level familiar with the Confederate submarine H. L. Hunley.

In February of 1864, the Hunley was the first underwater vessel to sink an enemy ship in combat. In more recent times, a TNT movie has been made of the Hunley, it has been in National Geographic and, more importantly, the vessel has been raised from Charleston harbor and is currently undergoing extensive excavation by archaeologists and forensic scientists .

This exercise is also aimed at getting students to recognize, examine and understand primary historical documents. Teachers and professors can employ this material in a variety of ways, one of which can be an in-class discussion and debate of the events and importance surrounding the Confederate submarine.

The level is divided into four sections. Click on the links to download the information in Adobe PDF format. The introduction familiarizes the reader with the Hunley and its historical context. The evidence section provides the reader with primary documents and a few secondary sources related to the Hunley. The discussion section poses certain questions to the reader, in which the answers may be complex and somewhat elusive. Finally, the conclusion discusses the legacy of the Hunley, and the recent events surrounding the locating, raising and examining of the one hundred and thirty-seven year old artifact.

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